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PlastiKote Spray Paint

I’ve always shied away from spray paints after several disastrous attempts years ago that involved ruining a wicker chair amongst other things – that is until I was swayed by the delicious colours of PlastiKote’s new range at Selina Lake’s Vintage Fair where they were handing out free cans of paint.   I thought, maybe being older and wiser haha that I would give it another go and attempt yet another wicker chair, given to me by my youngest Henry and his girlfriend Amy.  I do hope they won’t be offended by this!

 Audenza- Wicker Chair

Audenza- Spray painted chair

I used a big cardboard box opened out in the garden to spray on and chose a still day – didn’t fancy yellow feet, which there is a good chance of on a breezy day, and as usual when I have paint in my hand, searched for other things to paint.  My motto is ‘if it doesn’t move paint it’. Next up was a watering can my mother gave me the other day.  What an odd thing to give somebody, I can only presume she won it in a raffle or something similar – I didn’t ask but I know she will be offended as she doesn’t share my passion for paint.

 Audenza- Watering Can

The watering can needed a couple if light coats of Daffodil  to cover and it looks good, no drips or patchy areas.  The trick is to keep the can moving so you don’t get a build-up in one area which can run.  The chair took rather longer because of getting into the weave and also it was quite a strong colour change.  I sprayed all over lightly and then went back to it an hour or so later and sprayed a bit more.   I found I had to do this several times to get a good coverage and to get into the weave but it was worth the slower approach as it looks really good and there is no hint of the previous blue.

 Audenza- Spray painted watering can

I moved onto plastic plant pots as I have quite a few that I use for temporary planting as they are cheap and light to move but what an eyesore they are.  The Dianthus is in a nice shaped plastic pot that I sprayed with a lovely colour called Warm Grey, very sophisticated.

 Audenza- Spray painted plant pot

This is a terracotta pot I painted several years ago with emulsion and you can see how beautifully it ages which I am not sure would happen with spray paint so I always use conventional paint on terracotta because I love that distressed look, although I have sprayed a couple of terracotta pots as an experiment to see how it ages.  We will see!

Audenza- Peeling pot

Jacqui x

PlastiKote Spray Paint- By Jacqui Brooks



4 replies to “PlastiKote Spray Paint”

  1. Geraldine says:

    Lovely! I spray painted a Lloyd loom-ish chair white a few years ago, totally transformed it! Easy to get really good results. I must have another go!

    • Hollie@MiaFleur says:

      Yes, you can’t beat spray paint for wicker chairs, much more effective than normal paint. As long as you have a light touch with the spray can that is!

  2. deanna taylor says:

    Cant find the price for the Lloyd Loom Chair?

    Good to see you Sunday.

    Deanna xx

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