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Stylish Hallway Furniture Ideas for the Ultimate Wow Factor

Your hallway is such an important room in your home, but it is so often overlooked and ends up as a corridor of doom, stuffed full of shoes, coats, and piles of post. But not anymore, as today we are sharing some hallway furniture ideas and styling tips, to help you create a hallway with wow factor!

Your hallway is the first room you see when you come home from a long day at work, so we want to create a space that feels homely and inviting, so you feel a sense of calm as soon as you step in the door. Not only that, but a lot of your other rooms also often lead off your hallway, so you really need to consider this to create flow and make the rest of your decor pop.

What Furniture & Accessories Should be in a Hallway?

So first off, what furniture and accessories should be in a hallway? We think there are a few universal items that are a must in every hallway, to either improve the functionality of the space or are just essential for aesthetics.

A gold console table with a lamp and a plant pot

Console Tables – perfect for decoration and storage

For us, no hallway is complete without a console table, as they check both boxes, functionality, and aesthetics. They are generally around the same height as a dining table but are quite often long and narrow, so they work perfectly in most hallways. Not only are console tables the perfect spot for putting keys and posts, but style them with a few of your favourite decorative accessories and a striking table lamp, and you’re already well on your way to creating a statement hallway!

Magnificent Mirrors – the perfect finishing touch

A large, statement wall mirror is also a must, as most hallways tend to be long and narrow, so we want to make them feel larger, and a mirror is perfect for this, to bounce light around the space and open it all up. And of course, a place to touch up your lipstick before you leave the house is always handy! This Round Gold Aurora Mirror is perfect, as it has a very large glass section, so it reflects the maximum amount of light, to really open a space up.

A round gold wall mirror next to a bed

Lighting – a crucial role in setting the vibe

Next up is lighting, and as with lighting in any room in your home, it needs to be layered. So don’t just use one light source but use a combination of several to spread the light more evenly and give a cosy glow. If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings in your hallway, a statement pendant ceiling light is another way to detract from a long corridor-like hallway, as it draws the eye up, instead of just straight down the corridor.

This Sunburst Pendant Ceiling Light would be perfect to create a large focal point and give a feeling of glamour and opulence. Pair this with a table lamp on a console table near the door, for a gorgeous, layered lighting effect. Plus, if you put your table lamp on a timer, you never need to come home to a dark and uninviting house again!

A gold pendant ceiling light

Seating – a useful addition to any hallway

The final piece of furniture to improve the functionality of your hallway, (if you have the space), is a chair or bench, so you always have a spot for putting your shoes on. Here at Audenza, we just love the aesthetics of a velvet chair, as it immediately conveys a sense of luxury, elegance, and sophistication, which is perfect for creating a high-end look.

Create Flow

The next thing to consider when decorating your hallway is what sort of style to go for. For most of us, we don’t spend much time in our hallway, so it’s the perfect space to really experiment and be bold with colour and pattern.

But you do need to consider which of your other rooms lead off it and how the décor will flow from one to the other. So, if your other rooms are already very busy and colourful, you may want to consider keeping the hallway more subdued in a complementary colour, so you don’t overwhelm the space. Just always remember, that you want your hallway to serve as a beautiful connector between your rooms, so you want it to work in harmony with your other rooms, rather than fight and clash.

Make it Inviting

Your hallway is where guests get the first glimpse of your home, so you want to make it inviting and create a warm welcome. So, think about adding cosy touches like a soft rug, so you can sink your feet into it after a long day at work, or add a scented candle, so you immediately get a relaxing smell when you walk through the door.

Fresh flowers or house plants are another great way to give a homely feel, but hallways can often have a lack of natural light which can be trickier for house plants. So, why not go for faux plants instead, that way you don’t have to be limited by which house plants like darker rooms. This Faux Potted Trailing Spanish Moss would create a gorgeous tumbling mass of greenery to soften and enrich your living space.

A faux potted trailing spanish moss placed on a console table

The final touch is to inject your personality by adding your favourite artwork, or a gallery wall of family photographs, to tell your story and make the space uniquely yours. A hallway is the perfect place for a gallery wall, as you can include everything that’s important to you and holds memories for you, to create a comforting environment as soon as you come home.

Large Hallway Ideas

If you are one of the lucky ones with a large hallway, it can be intimidating knowing how to decorate it. What you don’t want to do is end up with all the furniture around the edge of the room. So why not add a statement round table to the centre of the room that can be styled with a gorgeous large vase, like this stunning Lemon Yellow Vase. Handcrafted and depicting life-size lemons, it’s a statuesque vase for a luscious Mediterranean vibe. A striking, central pendant light above it would really finish off the look.

A lemon yellow vase with flowers inside it next to a side table and a chair

Think Practically

Ultimately, your hallway must work from a functional standpoint, as is it one of the most used rooms in the house! So, think practically and add storage where you can. If you have a console table that is open at the bottom, why not add a couple of pretty storage baskets, so you have a spot for any essential items like hats and scarves. Or if you have space up high, use a shelf with a few storage baskets on instead.

Think of anything that ends up getting dumped in your hallway, and instead give it a designated home, so you can keep your hallway clutter-free. A magazine rack could be a good place to dump any posts or newspapers that haven’t been sorted yet, like this Side Table with Leopard Print Magazine Holder. It would be perfect for posts and papers, but you could also have a decorative bowl on top, for storing keys.

A black marble side table with leopard print magazine holder

Narrow Hallway Furniture Ideas

The main thing to consider for narrow hallways is to draw the eye up, so you don’t feel like it’s just a long corridor. So, add a statement pendant light and a striking piece of wall art to draw the eye around. But also consider your furniture carefully, so if you have any nooks and crannies, add built-in storage to really maximise the use of the space for all your storage needs. But if you’re adding extra furniture, go for console tables that are open and airy, so the space doesn’t feel too cluttered, and if possible go for one with a mirrored glass top to reflect light around.

This Deco Fan Gold Console Table, fits the bill perfectly, with its delightful art deco-inspired design and a narrow depth for smaller spaces. The deco fan design is very open for a light and spacious feel that helps small spaces seem larger, and the mirrored top helps to reflect light.

A gold console table with a flower vase next to a plant pot

So, there you have it, our top styling tips and hallway furniture ideas. We hope it’s given you lots of inspiration to create a statement hallway of your own.



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