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How to Update Vintage China

I can never resist having a browse round charity shops when I am in my local town– there are so many of them on high streets now it’s quite a temptation. The trick is not to come home with too much naff stuff just because it’s cheap, but occasionally I will spot a piece of vintage china I like the shape of but it’s very dated looking.  Updating (or upcycling) vintage china is so easy to do and completely changes the object from something tired and outdated to a vibrant and on trend piece.

1. These two pieces belong to the girls and are the result of one such raid but they badly needed an update. Very granny’s attic aren’t they?

How to update vintaghe china- Audenza

2. Seeing as black and gold are such big trends at the moment I thought I would give them both a similar look. I sprayed both of them with matt black Rust-oleum in several light coats, so they didn’t run, and left them for 24 hours to harden off the paint. I always spray paint outside on a big piece of card on my garden table but it does need to be a dry, still day otherwise everything will be covered in paint, you included!

3. They look stunning just painted black and so different from the originals.

How to update vintaghe china- Audenza

4. Next comes the tricky bit of masking the coffee pot and leaving just the handle exposed to be sprayed gold. I covered the coffee pot with a plastic carrier bag and masked around the edges of the handle with Frogtape masking tape for delicate surfaces to ensure the masking tape didn’t pull the black paint off.

5. I sprayed the handle only with Rust-oleum bright gold, again spray several light coats.

How to update vintaghe china- Audenza

6. Amelia decided she wanted her doves to be a richer, warmer gold so I hand painted the tail feathers and one small dove with Craig and Rose Precious Metals paint in rich gold and gave it several coats for depth of colour. I didn’t use masking tape on this one but you could do if you feel it necessary.

How to update vintaghe china- Audenza

Two new and striking pieces just for the price of a can of paint and a bit of time. And, of course, they can always be painted a different colour should you tire of them and want to mix things up a bit. The permutations are endless – white with a neon pink handle anyone?

How to update vintaghe china- Audenza

Jacqui x

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Photography: Amelia Brooks/ Styling: Jacqui and Amelia Brooks

‘How to Update Vintage China’ written by Jacqui Brooks



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