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What Makes You Smile? How to Define Your Interiors Style

I really don’t like beige. I have no qualms in saying that and it certainly wouldn’t take long hovering on our blog or shop to figure that out.

You may have noticed that minimalism isn’t really our thing either. For me, minimalism is cold and actually, I find it a little depressing. But to some, they love the uncluttered, clean lines and sleek style. My brother’s a minimalist, he hates ‘stuff’ – you know, all those accessories and knick knacks, which to me make a home what it is, but to him, it’s all just extra crap that he doesn’t need. And yes, he is HARD to buy presents for.

But the thing is, I’m not even sorry to all those that love a bit of beige, because do you know what? It really doesn’t matter what I think, what your next door neighbour thinks or what, heaven forbid, your mother thinks (more on that here).

Quirky living room with dark blue walls, hot pink animal lamp and quirky wall decor like these fabulous gold beetles. All available from AudenzaGolden Feather Mirror | Gold Beetle Wall Decor | Hiding Hare Table Lamp

It’s YOUR home. Do whatever the hell you want with it, whatever makes YOU happy. I love colour, quirk, frivolity, and a touch of fabulous eccentricity. I have to have objects around me which evoke happy memories; sentimental items which have been passed down through generations, or even just a painting that reminds of a fabulous holiday. But that’s what makes ME smile – what makes YOU smile?

Tropical bathroom inspiration. Blush pink tiles paired with black shower enclosure, tropical patterned wallpaper and monochrome patterned floorOur co-founder, Amelia’s tropical bathroom renovation

If you know what makes you smile, then fill your house with it. Be it colours, flowers, clean lines or even minimalism. Learn to recognise what it is you like. Yes, we can tell you what’s on trend at the moment, what colours are bang on the money or what ‘goes’ well with what. But if your home doesn’t quite feel ‘you’, then there isn’t enough things about it that make you smile.

So how do you find out what it is that makes you smile? How do you find what YOUR style is? Well, you have to actually stop and take notice of interiors. If you’re really aesthetic or design minded then you’ll do this naturally, but otherwise here’s a few tips to help you find your style:

Green living room inspiration. Styled with cherry pink velvet armchair, colourful wall art and lots of gold home accessories and furniture. All available from AudenzaCherry Pink velvet Chair | Faiza Mirrored Tables | Beaten Gold Plant Pots | Velvet Leopard Jungle Cushion | All items available at Audenza

1. If you want to really get to grips with your style, it’s a good idea to start making a note of things you like as they crop up. Just jot down things in the notes section of your phone as you spot them and then whenever you’re next on Pinterest, have a browse for ideas that fit with whatever it is you’ve written down, so you can start to build up a moodboard. Don’t forget you can also create secret boards on Pinterest too, so only you can see them.  Naturally, if you spot something you like in a magazine, rip it out to refer back to. That might sound a bit over the top, but you’re never going to remember it otherwise!

2. Start with your own home- look around you. What do you love having around you? And importantly, what not? Are there things that you love in someone else’s home, but just couldn’t imagine living with yourself? If that’s the case, why is that? Is it just that you think you’d never be able to make it work in your own home, or is it that for instance, even though you like, ‘bright colours’, you wouldn’t want to live with them?

3. Naturally, Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for helping you define your style.  Look back through your Pinterest boards to see if there are any similarities. Start recognising the trends between them; colours, shapes, textures. For me, it’s kind of hard to tell what I like, because basically I like everything, all at once. Which is also kind of great, because it means I can have a really care free attitude to decorating. Clashing patterns? Sure. One thing I don’t like though- minimalism. Except, I’m starting to like the idea of a calm office. Not minimalist, obviously (let’s not get carried away), but perhaps the only white walls that I’d like in the house would be in the office. Again, I’ve only twigged that by really noticing what images and rooms I’m drawn to and feel a connection with.

4. Don’t forget to take notice when you’re about and about, visiting a hotel or cafe for instance, or basically, anywhere with a nice interior. What do you like and importantly, dislike?

To highlight the point that taste is merely a case of perception and personal opinion, I asked 2 of my favourite interiors bloggers & Instagrammers what makes them smile and to share a pic of their own home:

How do you find what YOUR interiors style is? Here’s my tips to help you define your style and decorate your home...Image and quote: Kate Rogers, Online Interior Design and Event Styling, Over at Kates.  Follow Kate on Instagram here.

“What makes me smile is when you can really see peoples personality in their home! When I am decorating and buying things for my home, I never worry about whether they will go with a particular look or scheme. I figure as long as you fill your home with things you love then it will always come together!”

Finding your own interiors style is all about figuring out what makes you smile. But how do you go about finding that out? Read on...Image and quote: Olivia Silk, Interiors Blogger – Lust Living.  Follow Olivia on Instagram here.

“What makes me smile? At the moment I’m really into Hygge living, which is the Danish concept of living well and living simply. It’s all about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the things and people around you so I’m trying to reflect that in my home lately, using soft textures for example my merino wool chunky knitted throw, sheepskin rugs and having an unnecessary amount of candles lit at all hours.”

You can apply this ‘does it make you smile?’ principle to decorating the whole house, but also to individual purchases. You can be as rational and logical as you like when trying to make a decision, but ultimately if it doesn’t make you smile then it won’t work long term, no matter how ‘functionional’ it is. You’ll come to begrudge it’s ugly presence soon enough and end up replacing it with something that makes you happy.

Us Audenza ladies don’t like anything in our house to be purely functional, in fact anything which doesn’t serve up a hefty dose of aesthetic pleasure is just down right offensive in our book. Which is why we cover boring lever arch folders in patterned paper,  spray paint pretty much anything that doesn’t move, and why we source and fill our home with beautiful objects that are not only functional, but seriously stunning too. And it’s why we started Audenza and this blog in the first place, to help and encourage others to do the same.

So tell me, what makes you smile?

Hollie x



7 replies to “What Makes You Smile? How to Define Your Interiors Style”

  1. Sasha Brown says:

    Good post. I like it.

  2. Some great advice here thanks. I’ve really struggled to find my own style in the past and have been guilty of over analysing choices. Kate’s advice really resonates. If you only buy things you love, uncannily it does all come together in the end!

    • Hollie@MiaFleur says:

      Exactly! I think we’re all guilty of overthinking things, and when it comes to kitchens, bathrooms etc. it certainly does require a lot of thought – how you’re going to use the room for instance and what sort of storage you require. But when it comes to smaller choices, and even bigger items like sofas, just go with what you love and you’d make it work. Especially if you can move items around between rooms, that gives you lots of scope for changing things about over the coming years. Glad you found the post helpful 🙂

  3. Moira Haig Samater says:

    Loved reading your article. To be honest it could have been me writing it it was so me and my approach to interior design. I love recycled furniture. I love crafty artwork. I love my Hygge. And I love it when people walk in and go “wow”

    • Audenza says:

      I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post, Moira! Thank you for sharing what makes you smile, I love how every single person answers this question differently 🙂

  4. Mary O'Connor says:

    Love your blog! I live by the same principles! I buy what I love and sometimes it will “fit” with what I already have but mostly because I love it and if I love it even if it doesn’t fit, there’s always room for it!

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