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Inspiring Interiors

Now instead of my usual ramble (yes, I know I can go on a bit!) I thought it might be quite nice to do a post that was less of me and more beautiful imagery.  So I have picked out some of our favourite images from our board ‘Inspiring Interiors’ on Pinterest… enjoy!

It’s no surprise that we have a penchant for eclectic interiors… one very brief glance at our website is enough to tell you that, so this gorgeously eclectic and almost ethnic inspired setting is right up our street!

eclectic interiors

The cross stitch design on the back wall has actually been painted on… what a fantastic idea!

cross stitch interior

cross stitch painting

Oh to live in a house like this!

stunning interiors

I’m not much of a breakfast person, I do always have to have at least something in the morning, even if it’s only a few nuts and a banana on the go (I am ALWAYS) eating my breakfast on the go! Even before school my Mum would stand at the front door with a sandwich bag of peanut butter on toast ready to shove in my hand as I ran (literally, ran) out of the door!  However, I would like to think that if I had a cosy breakfast table like this, I might just be able to make time for it at least a couple of times as week… it certainly looks like a nicer way to start the day than hot and flustered anyway!

cosy interiors

If ever there was a bedroom designed to make you feel like a Princess (yes, we’re probably a bit old to want to feel like Princesses.. but who cares!) then this would definitely be it!  I think it would have to be reserved for weekends only though- there is no way that you’re going to want to get out in a hurry!

gorgeous bedroom

So, that’s a little snapshot of our ‘Inspiring Interiors’ board on Pinterest, which is your favourite?  I think it might just be the bedroom for me!  There are currently 46 pins in that category, so if this has left you wanting more, then head over to our board to see the rest!  We absolutely love getting new followers too, so if you’re on Pinterest, give us a follow!

Audenza x

Inspiring Interiors- By Hollie Brooks



2 replies to “Inspiring Interiors”

  1. geraldine says:

    A truly eclectic selection. I’m liking that fuschia and orange coloured lamp. that rose on the wall is amazing, though I’m not quite sure that I would be brave enough to do the painting. xx

  2. Hollie@MiaFleur says:

    I definitely wouldn’t be brave to do the painting myself either! Though I think I could trust my Mum or Sister with the job!! The lamp is gorgeous isn’t it, I’m not sure where it’s from though- I want one!! xx

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