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Inspiring Interior Colour Palette Combinations

Oh so many beautiful colours to choose from, so many exciting colour combinations.  Which to choose, which combination do we desire?  Amelia moved house last year and this is her favourite activity –  drooling over interior colour palette combinations, so we thought we would bring you a selection of her favourite combo’s just to whet your appetite.

Yellow & Black

A gorgeous Parisian, Art Deco inspired restaurant. Beautiful interior colour palette combinations of mustard yellow and black.Epoca Restaurant. Image credit: Vogue

Interior colour palette combinations to inspire you. We absolutely love this black and yellow hallway with the stunning monochrome patterned carpetImage credit: @cloud_nine_interiors

First up is yellow and black.  A daring duo but if done well it’s a clean, refreshing mix that’s sophisticated and elegant.  Mainly black and white with splashes of yellow for zing, and gold accessories to contrast the black and add sparkle.

Pink and Green 

Pink and green interior colour inspiration. We adore this Wisteria wallpaper by Woodchip and MagnoliaImage credit and wallpaper: Woodchip & Magnolia

Tropical bathroom decor in pink and teal colours. Pink bathroom tiles with black shower cabinet and tropical wallpaperAmelia’s Bathroom Renovation (Audenza co-founder)

You can’t possibly go wrong with pink and green.  It’s a timeless colour combo that is restful and harmonious, and always feels like you are bringing the outside in.  One of my favourites for that very reason.  Soft and subtle, or full on colour saturation, it’s always going to work.

Red, Black & Green

Stunning conservatory with black and white flooring, red velvet chairs and an abundance of tropical house plantsImage credit: Hotel Particulier Montmartre

Green living room decor with neon artwork and red velvet armchairGianna Neon Art | Tiered Console Table | Red Velvet Armchair | All home accessories available from Audenza

 I always think of a red, black and green colour combination as being grown up, and it reminds me of studies or snugs.  Warm, cosy end enveloping, but also dignified and distinguished.

Pink, Yellow & Grey

Colourful decor inspiration. Unusual kitchen colour inspiration - combining pink, grey and yellowImage credit: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Pink and grey together can be quite sombre and with a vintage vibe, but with a touch of the romantic.  But add that dazzle of yellow and you have a striking and modern colour combo that can’t be ignored.

Teal, Mustard Yellow & Fuschia

Moody living room decor with colourful artwork, mustard yellow velvet sofa and sunburst pendant lightGold Sunburst Pendant LightFlamingo Table Lamp |  Orange Zebra PlateQueen of Diamonds Print

A striking ‘look at me’ colour combo that can’t be ignored.  This is Amelia’s sitting room in her previous house and still a favourite.  It’s essential pink and green with a dash of mustard yellow.  Can’t go wrong!

Black, Pink & White

Monochrome hallway with black striped wallpaper by Cole & Son, and blush pink velvet chairImage credit and wallpaper: Cole & Son

Interior colour palette combinations - black, pink and white is a gorgeous colour palette and works fabulously in this elegant bathroomImage credit: @lustliving

Black and white, with the addition of pink is a restful harmonious scheme that never fails.  If pink is your favourite colour but you don’t want it to look too feminine, then the black and white sharpens it up for a more considered design.

Green & Mustard Yellow

Dark green living room with mustard velvet armchar, art deco style artwork and gold console table. All available from AudenzaLinks Console Table | Gatsby Velvet Armchair | Deco Style Canvas Art | All home accessories available from Audenza

Green and mustard yellow has the same inside outside feel as pink and green, but a sharper less feminine combination.  Always harmonious whether you go light or dark.

Pink & Teal

Pink and teal interior inspiration. Gorgeous restaurant decor with teal bar and pink velvet bar stools71 Oyster Bar.  Image credit: Reuben Ortiz

Pink and teal is essentially a swankier version of pink and green – more chic shall we say.  Less soft and more snappy.  Perfect for this swish bar.

Pink, green and yellow has always been one of my favourite interior colour palette combinations.  I’ve tried to deviate over the years and broaden my horizons but in my latest home revamp I’ve reverted to type and feel so much more in tune with my home.  Do you have a favourite interior colour combination you find you are drawn to time and again, despite all the choices out there? Plenty to choose from there – what do you think?

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