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We Love: Mandarin Stone Tiles

Now, I’m sure we have all heard of Mandarin Stone, but looking at their website recently I was blown away by the choices and the images. I didn’t know they did outdoor products either. I played safe with tiles (far too safe), particularly for someone who loves colour and pattern, and I do regret it and wished I had been more adventurous, but at the time I had far too many decisions to make regarding interior décor and the bathroom man wanted answers – urgent like! So metro tiles it was – in both bathrooms – and in neutral colours. How much safer can you get than that?! And yes they do look nice, but do they wow me? A resounding no to that one! For someone who says be brave and go for it I am a disappointment and I need to rectify this in the near future. Well maybe in the spring, when thoughts of rejuvenation and inspiration flow through me again, after struggling through the dark and cold months.

Carrara Polished Marble by Mandarin Stone- Via Audenza

Carrara Polished Marble laid in herringbone- £76.80 per sqm. Black Emperador Honed Marble flooring- £95.98 per sqm.

I love this kitchen so much – the colours, the simplicity, the mix of materials, and the fabulous way the tiles have been laid to achieve the zigzag edge. Definitely something to think about here! The tiles are simple, the colour neutral, but the edge gives it a vibrancy that doesn’t date – always a worry with patterned tiles.

Tiles- Vintage Décor White/Blue Hexagon by Mandarin Stone

Vintage Décor White/Blue hexagon– £42.00 per sqm. Bluestone Stellar Basin– £118.80 each.

Country rustic at its best with these gorgeous patchwork effect tiles, perfect for a cloakroom, and don’t you just love the shape?

Tiles- Delicato Mer Decorative & Glazed by Mandarin Stone

Delicato Mer Decorative & Glazed– £119.70 per sqm

Deliciously delicate floral and geometric patterns for a more vintage vibe. There are nine designs in a set to give a patchwork effect of almost lace like quality and eight soft muted shades to choose from. Again, a patchwork effect. I’m obviously drawn to patchwork.

So many choices it’s quite mind boggling really. You need to have some idea of the look you are after and that’s my problem, I like lots of different styles, but tiles are a big investment – you can’t change them easily like a fresh coat of paint, so leave yourself plenty of time to research the options. Wish I had taken my own advice!

Jacqui x

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Images from Mandarin Stone



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  1. Floor Tiles says:

    Beautiful tiles – getting loads of style ideas now!

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