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We Won!

This time last week we were utterly overwhelmed, excited, shocked & hugely grateful. You may remember we were nominated in the Amara Interior Blog Awards, well we only went and won our category ‘Best Organisation Blog!’ And no that doesn’t mean we are organised, well Amelia is super organised (abnormally so) but Hollie and me are most definitely not, it means a blog run by a retail company. As a small family run business, working silly silly hours, this award means the world to us and a great morale booster for the troops!

We want to say a huge thank you to Amara for organising such a fantastic event.  The work and effort involved on their part is huge.  And, of course, a huge thank you to Bang and Olufsen (the sponsors for our category) and all the other sponsors. We also want to say enormous congratulations to all of the other winners. And last, but not least, a massive thank you to our lovely readers who voted for us – couldn’t have done it without you darlings!

Amara Interior Blog Awards. Audenza- Winner of 'Best Organisation Blog' #IBA15

I also have to mention the lovely Sophie Robinson from ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’ who presented the awards. I was seriously star struck as I love the programme and the presenters Sophie Robinson, Daniel Hopwood and Tom Dyckhoff.  Sophie is warm, bubbly and friendly and did an amazing job of presenting the awards and can’t wait till the new series starts in January. I will stop gushing now before I embarrass myself!

Talking of gushing, the Ham Yard Hotel, the venue for the Amara Interior Blog Awards, was awesome and we now want to stay at every one of the Firmdale Hotels – what an experience – but more of that in another blog post.

What a night, I hope the walls were thick in that hotel – there was a bit of giggling going on that night and shock that we nearly missed the awards! We had got it into our heads the awards started at 8pm and were busy eating chips and drinking wine in our hotel room when Hollie looked at the invite and screamed, literally. It was 6.45 and it started at 6.30. Oh my god, I have never seen Hollie move so quick (she isn’t known for speed)! Needless to say we arrived a bit dishevelled and sweaty but made it just in time for the actual sitting down awards ceremony but missed the meet up in the bar which was a shame.

The goody bags were awesome; there was one for each attendee and a special winner’s goody bag. We had a lovely time in the hotel room rifling through them and oohing and aahing but a right job trying to get them home on the train in one piece! Good job I’m expert at packing!

This post has been delayed due to some slight disruption to the normal timetable but services will resume shortly haha.   My eldest boy’s lovely partner Giuditta has just given birth to the beautiful baby Isaac, my first grandchild, and I’m a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. Much prettier than his father was at that age but with the same love of making his presence felt! Need I say more?

Jacqui x

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Photography by John Nassari



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