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Art Deco Elegance: Home Bar Ideas

A gold metal bar cart with beautiful glassware and plant pots

Nothing screams Art Deco elegance more than your own home bar, and here at Audenza we just can’t get enough of them. When executed well, they are the perfect way to capture the elegance and glamour of the Jazz Age and incorporate it into your own home.

Not only do they serve up serious style, but they also make entertaining friends and family, a breeze, as you have everything to hand for the perfect party. So, whether you want to create the perfect solo night in, or host a bash for friends and family, follow these essential elements and home bar ideas for creating the perfect cocktail corner, and your house will soon be the hottest spot in town.

Location, Location, Location

First and foremost, you need to decide where you want to position your home bar. It should always be in a room you plan on doing the most entertaining, as you don’t want to be constantly walking backward and forward to make your guests another drink! So, whether that be your dining room, living room, or perhaps the kitchen if you have a nice open plan space, it doesn’t matter, so long as it’s convenient for you.

Work with the Space You Have

Now you might think if you have a smaller home, you don’t have room for a home bar, but we think you can always squeeze in a touch of luxury in any home, you just have to be clever about it. If a designated, fully built home bar is the fantasy, what are the other options for smaller homes?

Bar carts and drinks trolleys are perfect for small spaces, as they can slot into little, awkward dead spots in your home, and give that space a function and purpose. And, as they come in all shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find one that works for you.

A black metal and rattan drinks trolley with glasses and plant pots

This Black Metal and Rattan Drinks Trolley , for instance, is elegant and compact and brings a touch of drama to your glassware. Or, if you have slightly more space, this Gold Round Drinks Trolley with three shelves, provides plenty of storage and styling space.

That said you don’t have to just use a conventional drinks trolley, think outside the box with the space you have. For instance, a console table can work brilliantly as a home bar, like this Aziza Gold Console Table.

A gold console table with glassware and decorative items next to a pink armchair

With its Moroccan-style zigzag design, mirrored glass top, and finished in shiny textured gold, this is the ultimate decadent addition to your home. The only thing to bear in mind with a console table is, that if they are one shelf on a flat level, you will need to work harder to create an interesting display. To keep the scene visually interesting, you need varying heights, so try grouping decorative drink bottles on a raised cake stand or placing a plant on a stack of decorative books to raise some items up.

Even a bookcase, or just a few shelves on your bookcase, can be the perfect styling spot for your home bar, why not gold leaf the back of the shelves to add some serious opulence?! Or, if you have some free wall space, use a couple of open shelves hung on a feature wall of dramatic wallpaper to create the feel of a home bar. You really don’t need much space to make something special!

Glorious Glassware for your Home Bar

Now you can’t have a home bar, without a glorious selection of glassware! Obviously, the type of glasses you choose, will depend on the kind of drinks you like to have, but make sure the glasses you choose are a thing of beauty in themselves. There’s no room for boring glassware here! If you’re a gin guzzler, these gorgeous Gold Rim Gin Glasses are sure to hit the spot. Or perhaps you’re mad for Martinis, then you won’t be able to resist these Pink Martini Gin Glasses. Whatever your tipple of choice, remember it always needs to be drank in style.

Pink martini glasses with gold rims and a gold tray

Don’t Forget Functionality

Obviously, you want your bar to be a thing of beauty, so, of course, you’ll want to add some gorgeous accessories, like your favourite plant or decorative items. But the key to a successful home bar is to have everything you need to make your fabulous cocktails. Think coasters, drink stirrers, ice buckets, decanters, and cocktail shakers. But again, all these items don’t need to be boring, and they can be styled on your home bar to make it look flawless. These Gold Octopus Drinks Stirrers would add a fun and quirky touch to any setting, or why not add a sexy rock ‘n’ roll vibe with these Beaded Hot Lips Coasters.

Gold octopus drink stirrers inside two glasses placed on drink coasters

Another crucial element in any home bar is a serving tray. Trays make great styling tools, as you can group a selection of items on them to give them a focal point and make them look more intentionally placed. But also, a tray is a must for handing out drinks to all your thirsty guests! This Jazz Age Inspired Black and Gold Tray is just perfect for an Art Deco style home bar.

A black and gold tray with two glasses and a bottle placed on a top of a side table

Add Some Decadence

A home bar is all about decadence, so to make your bar more interesting and stand out from the crowd, add some luxurious finishes like brass planters and velvet cocktail chairs. We love this Curvaceous Burnt Orange Armchair, for its stylish, clean simple lines, but with the additional twist of a ruched texture on the reverse of the chair for added pizazz.

An orange armchair next to a gold console table with plant pots and a rug

Mirrored and glass surfaces are also great ways to enhance the space and add a touch of glamour. So, incorporate drinks trolleys with mirrored shelves, or add a statement mirror to the wall above. This Square Sunburst Mirror is absolutely perfect for capturing the essence of the Art Deco era and creating a show-stopping, attention-grabbing display. The round mirror bounces light around a room to create a feeling of space, whilst the square golden sunburst frame gives off a glamorous vibe.

And finally, no home bar is complete in our eyes without a touch of neon! And this Sequin Queen Neon Box Light has it all…it’s made from hot pink hand-blown glass neon, with a background of glistening sequins, doesn’t it just make you want to dance the night away.

A neon acrylic box light and a tray with a bottle and a glass are placed on top of a console table

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of essential elements for the perfect home bar, now invite those guests round and show off your flawless style!



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