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Happy Friday and Link Love

Hello folks, happy Friday! Now for some reason I’m feeling extra chirpy today, it could be because it’s Friday (not sure if that counts if I’m planning to work all weekend), or it could be because I’ve had a very productive week and I’m looking forward to a weekend in the same vein (yes, I realise I’m very sad) or it could be because something very exciting is going on next Tuesday!  But all will be revealed next week…

I was planning to do a ‘Year of Audenza’ post today, but I am hoping to have something in the pipeline for that, so I will hold off on that for now.  So instead, I’m going to share some link love, which is rather apt given my unusually cheerful demeanour today.

You may or may not be aware of ‘We Blog Design’, which is a fantastic blog and resource for yes, you guessed it- design bloggers.  This week the founders announced some very sad news that they are unable to continue running We blog Design due to other work and blogging commitments and are hoping there’s another talented team out there able to continue their good work.  More on that here.

However, a little while ago my Mum and I attended a We Blog Design panel discussion and ‘tweet up’ at 100% Design.  This was a fantastic event, with lots of useful tips from the experienced blogging panel.  It was also so lovely to meet people that I have only ever spoken with in the virtual world of Twitter, and connected with during the weekly We Blog Design Twitter chats.  So today, and two hundred odd words of babble later, I’m going to share with you some links to some of the lovely bloggers that I met.  Now, there were of course so many bloggers there, but these are just 5 of those that I met and chatted with on the day:

Mademoiselle Poirot

This stunning blog is run by Carole Poirot (fab name) who is originally from Paris, but now lives in London.  In the flesh, she oozes fashionable, laid back style that’s oh so hard to achieve.  All of the images on her site are taken and/ or styled by herself and are an absolute feast for the eyes.  If you’re looking for visual inspiration, craft tutorials, gorgeous recipes and lots more you will love Mademoiselle Poirot.  Just look what the lady can do with a paper bag….


Image source: Mademoiselle Poirot

My Warehouse Home

This is a brand new blog that only launched this month and when I saw the live site and how many posts there already were and how slick the design was, I was not at all surprised having met Sophie.  She has been working incredibly hard for many months now to get the launch of her blog just right and it certainly shows!  A very determined and ambitious lady, who I am sure, will be huge in the blogosphere in no time at all.   A fabulous source of inspiration for interior design with an industrial and warehouse vibe.

Mad About the House

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Kate, who runs Mad About the House, is a freelance interiors journalist and was also part of the panel for the event.  With just the right amount of dry wit, an insatiable design knowledge and an eye for some of the most covetable and innovative interiors products out there, Kate’s blog is a design lovers paradise.   These pendant lights are just divine aren’t they?


Image source: Rockett. St. George

Blogtactular and Housewife Confidential

At the panel event, Kat and I were Tweeting each other from across the room, trying to decipher who each of us were!  Sadly, I didn’t get to chat to her for long, but Kat has her own personal blog, Housewife Confidential and is also one of the founders of Blogtacular, a blog and blogging community that hold Twitter chats every Wednesday at 9pm under the hashtag #blogtacular and will be hosting a fantastic blogging conference in May, which I am attending.  Housewife Confidential is quite different to the usual sort of blogs that I follow, but I just love the personal, homely feel.  With lovely seasonal family shots like the one below and gorgeous recipes, you can help but smile as you read her blog.


Image Source: Housewife Confidential

Spring/ Summer/ Autumn/ Winter

S/S A/W is a blog, trends resource, magazine and shop run by Claire Phillips- Stanford.  A very effusive lady, who was not only interesting to chat to, but partly as a result of having had a couple of beers, was incredibly good fun too!  Claire is an interiors trends expert and has been invited to speak at many a design event.  Her blog is “dedicated to design devotees everywhere” providing inspiration and the latest design innovations and collections.

There were so many more bloggers at the event and I’d love to talk about them all, but I think this post is already rather long, another link love for another day!  I hope you enjoy browsing their lovely blogs, have a fun filled, relaxing weekend…

Please excuse my haywire image sizes and positioning- WordPress is behaving very badly and won’t let me centralise them- or change their sizes. If anyone knows what I/ WP is doing wrong, pleeeaase let me know!

Hollie x


By Hollie Brooks


5 replies to “Happy Friday and Link Love”

  1. Thank you sooo much Hollie! These have to be the most flattering things anybody has ever written about me! Also, reading about the other blogs is like re-visiting 100%Design, all such lovely bloggers and people. Have a fabulous weekend – hopefully not working too hard. xo

    • Hollie@MiaFleur says:

      You’re very welcome, Carole! Your blog is an inspiration! It would be so lovely to arrange another meet up like this before Christmas. Have a lovely weekend 🙂 xx

  2. Geraldine says:

    Thanks for the recommendations! I am straight over to look at Mademoiselle Poirot; looks just my cup of tea!

  3. […] I met her just over a year ago at a blogging event.   You may remember I wrote about her blog, My Warehouse Home.  You can read a bit more about her inspirations and what set it all off […]

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