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How to do Glam without being Garish

Most of us like a bit of glam, me in particular, but it’s too easy to go over the top and then it turns into garish and possibly bling! How do you avoid this and still have a home that feels glamorous and sexy? Constraint is the word! Difficult to do I know but it’s all in the subtle touches. A touch of gold, a touch of black, a touch of velvet – and big mirrors – all provide that essential touch of charisma to give your home a feeling of luxury.

The photos below illustrate my point very nicely as it’s a beautiful home that has that lived in feel but at the same time there is that element of glam that lifts it above the ordinary. The photos come from Houzz which is a really good website for inspiration, tips, advice and that essential bit of snooping that we all love to do around other people’s houses.

This sitting room is fabulous with its oversize mirror that really makes a statement and the touches of gold in the coffee tables for glamour and the squishy velvet sofa and chair. Touches of black on the radiators and fireplace ground the space and the big glass chandelier gives the finishing touch of opulence.

I love this bathroom with its chunky old fashioned brass fittings that shout decadence and then the mirrored wall with glass shelves to reflect light and show off the accessories. And the huge chandelier that’s so unexpected in a bathroom but gives a feeling of luxury and charisma. And the fabulous tiles that glow against all the glass and metal bringing warmth. Really it all just shouts glamour! Do go on to Houzz and have a look at the rest of the house – the bedrooms and kitchen are inspirational as well.

The essence of glam without garishness is all in the light touches. Opulent fabrics, a splash of warm colour, brass and gold for warmth, and lots of glass and mirrors to let the light bounce around and reflect the accessories, plus a few oversize lamps for a bit of dash, and that all essential touch of black. What’s not to like?

Jacqui x

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