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Interview with Photographer, Holly Pickering

The internet is awash with stunning visual inspiration and the rise of Pinterest has only further fuelled our desire to look at beautiful things.  Which is all very well and good, but often when I look at these images, I wonder who created them and how they created them- I like a little more story to my beauty.  I figured if I think like this, then some of you guys must be thinking the same too, right?  So first up in a series of interviews with creative folk, is a truly delectable selection of photography from freelance food, interiors and lifestyle photographer, Holly Pickering.

Holly Pickering Photography- Food Shots via Audenza

Image source: Holly Pickering

Holly Pickering Photography- via Audenza

Image source: Holly Pickering

I think the pumpkin soup photo below is my absolute favourite, it’s just so autumnal and cosy.  I am fascinated by images that can make you FEEL a certain way and this one makes me want to be there, eating that soup.  What a talent that is to be able to have that effect on someone.  Have you noticed particular images having that sort of effect on you?

Holly Pickering Photography- Food via Audenza

Image Source: Holly Pickering

I also had the privilege of speaking with Holly to get a little more info about her work:

Q1) How long have you been a professional photographer?

I’ve been a full time professional photographer since the start of 2013, before that I spent several years building up my photography career part time, whilst still working as a freelance fashion designer (my previous career for the last 12 years!) to ease the transition!

Q2) How did you get into photography? What inspired you to start?

My dad was a photography lecturer whilst I was growing up, and we were lucky enough to have a darkroom set up at home, so I’ve always been a keen photographer, but I started to realise after a decade working in fashion that photography was what I was really passionate about, and that I wanted to pursue it seriously as a career. 

Holly Pickering Photography- Still Life

Image Source: Holly Pickering

Q3) What sort of clients do you normally work for?

I specialise in food and interiors photography so I work for quite a wide variety of different clients, from smaller scale projects for interiors clients and restaurants, to editorial shoots and larger scale commercial/advertising jobs. I’ve just finished a lovely commercial shoot for Lurpak butter, and I’m shooting for a major food retailer and some urban gastro pubs next – so no week is ever the same!

Q4) Do you have particular stylists that you work with regularly?

I work with some lovely stylists, but I’m particularly looking forward to teaming up with the super talented Rose Murray on some upcoming interiors projects, as we share a really similar approach. (Rose’s styling work can be seen on her website)

Q5) What’s your favourite photo and why?

My current favourite is this still life of pumpkins that I shot for my lovely agent Lisa Pritchard Agency for Halloween, the idea was to create something fun but still foodie for their Halloween blog post, which meant I could be really creative and play around with props and test some styling and lighting ideas, and I ended up being really happy with the final shots.

Holly Pickering Photography- Halloween via Audenza

Image Source: Holly Pickering

Q6) Finally, what do you love about photography?

I absolutely love earning a living doing something creative, the opportunities to work with really interesting people and the satisfaction of creating beautiful images at the end of the day!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little more about the work of Holly Pickering, do head over to her website to have a look at more of her beautiful photography.  I’d love to know which one’s your favourite below!

Hollie x

Interview with Photographer, Holly Pickering by Hollie Brooks



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  1. Geraldine says:

    Thanks for the introduction, Hollie, I shall pop over and have a look at her website.

  2. You’re welcome, Geraldine. Do pop over and have a look, such beautiful images!

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