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The Voice of a Vignette

I was thrilled to be invited to take part in a blogging series called, The Voice of a Vignette which was devised by Jocelyn over on the lovely blog, The Inner Interior.   The concept of the series is that each month, Jocelyn asks “a blogger or designer to create a vignette in their home, photograph it and share what meaning it holds for them. The Voice of a Vignette is a story about a scene which reflects who we are, what we cherish and how we live authentically.” 

The voice of a vignette by Audenza

Here is an excerpt from mine:

“The Voice of a Vignette is very meaningful to me and evokes powerful memories of family and friends.  It is the very essence of my home to be surrounded with objects that remind me of loved ones, past and present, and every vignette I create is based not only on style decisions but on the thoughts that swirl in my head as I view the pieces.

The voice of a vignette- Audenza

My Scottish grandmother Amelia was, and is, the guiding force in my life as I spent every summer holiday in my childhood staying with her, and her love of gardens, books and textiles has informed my every waking moment.  The books are part of her collection of bibles and scripture writings that were of great solace to her in surmounting the tragedies that engulfed her life, and her strength of character never ceases to amaze me.  It also makes me appreciate my life and how wonderful it is to be surrounded by loved ones.  The photograph is of my grandfather (whom I never met as he died at the age of 36) during the First World War, where he served with the Lovat Scouts.   I think we all need to be reminded sometimes of the sacrifices and hardships that generation endured – only to go through it all over again 20 years on.”

You can read the full Voice of a Vignette here.

Jacqui x

The Voice of a Vignette by Jacqui Brooks



2 replies to “The Voice of a Vignette”

  1. Geraldine says:

    Your vignettes are always beautifully put together. Love it that your Amelia is named after her Great Grandmother.

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