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The Best Neon Artwork and Neon Lighting to Light up your Life

Want to add instant wow factor to your décor?  You can’t go wrong with neon artwork and neon lighting for bringing a sense of playfulness and energy to a space.  Lighting is crucial to a room but it can be hard to achieve, so neon artwork and neon box lights are the perfect way to bring in some more lighting at a different level.  They can change the look of a room instantly and make a focal point that has that pop of colour.

Pink Marilyn Monroe Neon Artwork styled with Golden Feather Wall Mirror, Gold Wall Beetles and Gold Balloon Dog TableMarilyn Monroe Neon Artwork | All other furniture and accessories also available at Audenza

Neon artwork combines the best of both worlds, a colourful artwork on your wall which is then a fabulously glowing source of light when switched on to create a stunning feature.  Our paintings are quite large, so they make a striking feature on the wall, or propped up against a wall or shelf.

Colourful and quirky console table styling. Quirky pink flocked homewares with pink neon lips box lightLips Neon Box Light | All other furniture and accessories also available at Audenza

With a neon box light, you can create a focal point on a mantelpiece, shelf, or sideboard with its quirky presence.  Particularly useful to brighten up a dull corner and set the scene for a dazzling vignette, and great for small spaces where you don’t have room for a table lamp. What’s not to love?

Our Gianna canvas styled beautifully by @knackeredmavis. A colourful canvas painting with the addition of red neon sunglassesGianna Neon Canvas Art | Image credit @knackeredmavis

A customer photo of our Gianna LED neon – a hand painted depiction of a glamorous starlet with her glowing LED sunglasses.  What a fabulous way to glam up your fireplace and create a showcase for a quirky scene.

Statement artwork - red lips canvas with red neon lightsLips Neon Canvas | Pink Flocked Toucan Candle holder

These tantalizing bitten lips are filled with graffiti-style hearts and lined with a bold, red LED that glows with retro pop glamour.  The lips are hand painted for a textural finish.

Our Neon Lips Box Light and Queen of Diamonds Art Print styled beautifully in the eclectic home of @rosieposiebtnLips Neon Box Light | Queen Diamonds Print | Image credit @rosieposiebtn

I love the pink glow that emanates from the Lips neon in this customer photo.  It really makes the alcove pop alive.  Our acrylic box lights are hand blown neon glass, handmade by skilled craftsmen.

Our Pink Disco Neon Light and Antique Metal Bar Cart styled beautifully in the eclectic home of @amelia_home_editPink Disco Neon Box Light | Antique Metal Bar Cart | Image credit @amelia_home_edit

Our Pink Disco Neon Light styled beautifully in the dark and moody home of @ag_teacht_abhailePink Disco Neon Box Light | Image credit @ag_teacht_abhaile

For the disco divas amongst you light up your space with a Pink disco neon acrylic box light and get ready to party!

Colourful living room decor with pink OMG neon light, yellow velvet dining chair, gold console table and lots of quirky accessories. All available from AudenzaPink OMG Neon Box Light | All other furniture and accessories also available at Audenza

Glamorous and tropical living room decor with sequin queen neon light, gold console table and pink velvet armchair. All available from AudenzaSequin Queen Neon Box Light | All other furniture and accessories also available at Audenza

Neon lighting is now staging a comeback, and the exciting new designs are bringing a fun element to our homes that we all need in these challenging times.  We love the retro glamour of neon lighting and the neon artwork brings a fresh vibrancy to our interiors.  Whether your home is a riot of colour or a white minimalist space neon brings the zing that nothing else can.  Embrace and enjoy!

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