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Black Bathroom Inspiration

You may remember my previous blog about taking the plunge with a black bathroom, well I’ve done it- and I love it.  These are the before pictures and doesn’t it look like a hotel bathroom?  Soulless, to me anyway, all beige and shiny white, but then home décor is a very personal thing.  And the bath was under the window so I had to climb into the bath to open the window, very odd.

 Bathroom Renovation- Audenza

The walls, radiator, door and skirting boards are all painted in Farrow and Ball ‘Black Blue’.   The corner cupboard is an old reproduction mahogany piece.  I took the glass door off to leave open shelving and painted it in ‘off white’ then in a gorgeous vibrant colour from Annie Sloan called ‘Provence’, which I distressed and waxed.  I can’t abide bathroom wall cupboards so I am always looking for other ways to store the inevitable bathroom paraphernalia.  By using an old painted cupboard it helps to give the bathroom a softer less clinical feel plus styling with loads of glass jars full of soaps and other pretty bits to give a designer look on the cheap.

 Bathroom Styling- Audenza

Add a stunning white mirror and some shell box pictures and my bathroom is now a retreat to soak away the cares of the day, rather than a white box.

 Black Bathroom- Audenza

Black Bathroom Styling- Audenza

Patterned Glass Window- Audenza

A lady commented on my previous inspirational bathroom blog about the practicalities of black and I do have to say that she is right and black is not an entirely practical colour, if you have young children or messy teenagers, soap and toothpaste splatters are very visible!  But I absolutely love it.

Will you be daring to go black anywhere in your house?  Or perhaps introducing more black home accessories to ease you into the look more gently?  I’d love to know below!

Jacqui x

By Jacqui Brooks




6 replies to “Black Bathroom Inspiration”

  1. Kevin says:

    Although I didn’t see your original post (nor can I see a date for this one – so hope I’m current :)) I would never have thought of going black for a bathroom. Very brave.

    Whilst I’m not sure it’s for me (I really can’t decide, I keep going back over the pictures) you have perhaps put in just enough colour to convince me. In particular I like the old cupboard and the ornate mirror you have used; that seems to work very well in giving the room a real feeling of character and interest.

    It’s quite strange really, when I first started reading this post I thought how clean and attractive your original bathroom was. And it was only when I read what you said about it looking like a hotel bathroom did I think “yes, you’re right” – very impersonal.

    Not sure if it will help convince anyone else to go black, but will be tweeting a link to here in a moment to share the idea at least.

    • Hollie@MiaFleur says:

      Hi Kevin, thanks so much for your comment and for sharing on Twitter. I’m glad this post has sparked your interest, going for a black bathroom is certainly a bold thing to do and definitely not for everyone, but it does seem to be becoming a bit of a trend, whether that be black tiles, black paint or simply some black accessories! So this is just our take on it really and how we’ve been inspired to go for it in our own bathroom :).

  2. John Dev says:

    I have to agree, when I saw the page title of “black bathroom” I thought I have to see this! And to be fair although different I looks quite good. Certainly different from run of the mill white!

    Showed it to my wife and she liked it more than me but as ours is rather small it may give the appearance of even smaller! Food for thought and unusual but interesting post!

    • Hollie@MiaFleur says:

      Thanks for your comment, John! Black bathrooms seems to be increasing in popularity, I see quite a few about in mags etc. but you do have to be careful if the room is already quite small!

  3. Will Tottle says:

    Good to see an article on black bathroom ideas, one negative that you touched on with black is that it doesn’t lend itself well to hiding soapy residue and toothpaste, however if you can spend that extra time keeping it clean, black in the bathroom, when combined with a clean bright white finish to compliment it can look amazing.

    Thanks for the article Jacqui !!

    • Hollie@MiaFleur says:

      Thanks for your comment, Will! You’re right, it wouldn’t perhaps be suitable for a bathroom being used by lots of teenagers! But in a low traffic bathroom it certainly creates wow factor.

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