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Tropical Interior Colour Palette Inspiration

We Audenza ladies do love a tropical vibe, so Amelia has put together 3 tropical colour schemes, to give you some interior colour palette inspiration, and to see how the different colour palettes affect the look of a room.  Green is the mainstay of each design, but with subtle twists that create astonishingly vibrant, but opposed, vibes.  From overtly feminine, to full on masculine, to give you the idea of how colour choices change an interior project.

Tropical colour palette inspiration - blush pink, gold and green tropical bathroom with banana leaf patterned wallpaper and monochrome floor tiles.Soft, feminine and deliciously dreamy. The beautiful bathroom is by @Oxfordone

As we all know preparing a colour palette before beginning an interior project is the proper way to go about it.  That said, I’ve never done one in my life.   Shameful admission I know, but never fear, Amelia is a great fan of them so we have an expert on hand.  Every room in her new home has a colour palette and mood board before work begins.  It’s certainly the way to avoid mistakes, and to gather your thoughts in a coherent way.  As my thoughts have never been coherent, would it work for me?  Who knows, but I’ve promised Amelia the next room I redo will have its very own colour palette to start with, so we will see how that works out!

Interior colour palette inspiration - Cole and Son tropical wallpaper with green velvet sofa My very own garden room that started with a wallpaper and grew from there. (Take a look at the before and after of my tropical garden room.)

Tropical interior inspiration - quirky hallway with black and white floor tiles and green banana leal wallpaperA strong, bold masculine design with eccentricity. Beautiful hallway by @hayleyannebrooke

What do you think to Amelia’s tropical colour palette inspiration?  I think if you are unsure of how you want a room to look, and are scared of making mistakes, a colour palette, along with a mood board, has to be a fail-safe way of bringing ideas together and marshalling your thoughts.  That said, I’m possibly too old to change my ways, but I really am going to try it next time.

Hollie has nudged me to say that the time-honoured way of doing colour palettes i.e. paint samples, fabric swatches and magazine images is still the way forward for most of us.  Apparently, I was implying we could all use photoshop etc to achieve the samples Amelia’s way.  But, being a complete technophobe, it never occurred to me to use a computer for such things.  Perish the thought!

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