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Dining Room Lighting Ideas to Add Some Serious Pizazz to Your Home

Your dining room is such an important room in your home, from quiet (or not so quiet if you have children) family dinners to entertaining friends and family, it certainly gets a lot of use. So, we are providing some dining room lighting ideas to help you achieve a warm and inviting room, and to do this you need to consider the lighting carefully.

We have put together some tips to answer some of the questions we are most often asked about large and small dining room lighting ideas, such as – what lighting is best for over dining room ceiling lights and table lamps; how can I light my dining room without a chandelier; is warm or white light better for a dining room; and do you need a hanging light in a dining room?

We hope these dining room lighting ideas will give you the inspiration you need to create a dining room with some serious pizazz!

Layer It Up

The most important thing to remember about lighting is you need to layer it, one hanging pendant lamp is simply not enough. The number of different lights you need in a room will ultimately depend on how large your room is, but a good rule of thumb is to aim for at least three different light sources within a room. These should be a mixture of different types of lights, for instance, table lamps, wall lamps, or hanging lights, as this will give you a balanced glow of light all around the room.

Having multiple light sources makes a room flexible and versatile and becomes a conversational starter. We would recommend opting for a dramatic pendant as your main source of light and pair with bold statement table lamps and floor lamps to create an atmospheric mood. This is where you create character as well as feeling and the amount of light can be adjusted for various times of the day or year.

Our best-selling Gold Sunburst  Pendant Ceiling Light disperses a warm glow while acting as an artistic design piece with its sunburst design, offering a touch of glamour and opulence when poised above a dining table and a stunning alternative to a dining room chandelier. Hanging a single statement pendant light centrally over the dining table helps to create a point of focus, to draw the eye to the main area within the room – the table.

Gold sunburst pendant ceiling light

Floor lamps, like this Orelia Golden Parrot Floor Lamp,  are especially useful at lighting dark corners and can be placed behind an armchair to create the perfect, cosy little corner.

You may find a light that you just have to have, which could be the perfect starting point for your dining room scheme. Orelia Golden Parrot is a case in point. She brings a fun element to your interior decor, and a stunning hit of colour with a bright turquoise lampshade, a gorgeous and statuesque floor lamp that blends beautifully with antique pieces and modern furniture.

Golden parrot floor lamp with turquoise shade

Do You Need a Hanging Light?

The next critical question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to incorporate a hanging ceiling light? A central hanging light is great for hanging over a dining table and adding a focal point to the centre of the room. But we must admit, most of us at Audenza prefer to use a combination of wall, floor, and table lamps, to create a more even spread of light around the room. So, if you do not have a hanging light in your dining room, fear not, as you can successfully light your dining room without one! If you will not be incorporating a main central light, think carefully about the types of table lamps you use, as you may want one that gives off more light.

For instance, this Antique Bronze Palm Leaf Table Lamp incorporates three bulbs within one light, and as it does not have a shade, it will give off a lot more light than some other table lamps.

A antique bronze palm leaf table lamp

We always recommend opting for striking designs with bold, sculptural forms or vibrant hues to create an eye-catching impact, even when the light is turned off. Envision your dining room lamps as pieces of art or serving as a design accent, the Stalking Panther Table Lamp which brings an element of the glamorous Art Deco era aligns with this vision perfectly.

Light up Different Levels

You want to create an even glow of light around your room, so think about adding light sources at different levels. Floor lamps and table lamps are the obvious place to start but think about the more unusual ways of adding light. For instance, this Lips Neon Acrylic Box Light is perfect for styling on a drinks trolley to add a pink glow to your room at a lower level.

Wall lights are great for adding light at a slightly higher level, but if you have already done all your electrics, opt for one that can just be plugged in, rather than wired in, like this Aurielle Golden Parrot Wall Light. Or if you have a small dining room and do not have space for both artwork and wall lights, why not combine the two? This Queen Marilyn Monroe LED Neon Artwork is the perfect small dining room lighting idea, as it combines the feature and focal point of a piece of artwork, with the atmosphere and glow of a wall light, what more could you want.

A Marilyn Monroe LED neon artwork

Floor lamps not only offer excellent ambient and task lighting but also contribute significantly to setting the atmosphere. By strategically placing floor lamps around your living space can evenly distribute light, banishing shadows from dark corners and infusing warmth. In the dining room, a stunning floor lamp can cast a flattering, intimate glow, perfect for those Friday night cocktails or social gatherings. Floor lamps also serve as effective pieces for accentuating specific features or zones within a room. Experiment with placing them in alcoves, alongside fireplaces, or beside seating areas to establish cosy, inviting nooks.

A gold round drinks trolley

Dining table lights, on the other hand, excel at adding ambiance and generating a softness within a room. Having a selection of table lamps throughout the room fosters a homely atmosphere. These lamps also double as decorative accents, enriching your space with depth, colour, and visual interest.

Naked Lady Black Table Lamp with Black Shade

When considering the ambiance created by lamps, do not overlook the significance of lampshades. Lampshades crafted from semi-translucent silk or linen diffuse light beautifully, emanating a warm, gentle glow. Conversely, opaque materials like velvet direct light upwards and downwards, producing a captivating pooling effect, ideal for accent lighting.

An Easily Way to Introduce Colour

The quickest and easiest way of adding some ‘oh la la’ to your home is by adding colourful dining room lights, lamps, and lampshades, you won’t need an electrician and it is a lot easier and quicker than changing your furniture and wallpaper. Swap your standard drum shade for a colour glass or funky patterned lampshade which will add a fun and decorative element to your decor. With so many gorgeous choices out there, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but the general rule of thumb is to choose lamps and lampshades with at least one similar feature or colour thread in common, to help bring the look together.

Don’t Forget Candle Holders and Candles

Candlelight adds a touch of romance and warmth to any dining experience, making it an essential element of dining room decor. Invest in stylish candle holders in varying heights and styles to create a captivating centrepiece for your dining table. Mix and match different types of candles, from taper candles to tea lights, to add depth and dimension to your display, like these Bubble Candle Holders, that will help create visual interest. And if you have kids or are just worried about using real flames, then these LED Taper Dining Candle Sticks are the perfect solution! These LED candles mimic the flickering glow of real flames without the risk of fire or wax drips. Whether you are hosting a formal dinner party or enjoying a quiet meal with family, candlelight adds warmth and ambiance to your dining room, creating an inviting and memorable atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience.

A bubble candle holder

Warm White or Cool White

Our concluding thoughts on lighting your dining room, NEVER use cool white bulbs, we do not want our guests to think they are walking into the dentist’s waiting room! Whether you are enjoying a casual breakfast or hosting a formal dinner party, warm white bulbs set the perfect mood for any occasion in a dining room, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and enjoyment.

We hope these dining room lighting ideas have given you the inspiration you need to create a fabulous room. By incorporating these dining room lighting ideas into your decor scheme, you can create a warm, inviting, and visually stunning space that is perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying intimate family dinners. Experiment with different lighting fixtures, placements, and bulb choices to find the perfect combination that suits your style and enhances the ambiance of your dining room. With the right lighting, you can transform your dining room into a haven of comfort and elegance that will be the envy of all who enter.

Happy styling!



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