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Men’s Bedroom Ideas to Create a Cool Vibe and Stylish Sanctuary

Now as a man, you might be asking yourself, should I decorate my bedroom as a guy? And the answer is 100% yes! Everyone wants their bedroom to be a warm and inviting space, no matter what gender, so why wouldn’t you decorate your bedroom to achieve this?

Decorating a man’s bedroom can be a tricky one; too many colours and patterns and it can end up looking fussy, too plain, and simple and it can end up looking cold and clinical. It’s all about the balance of bold colours and artwork, mixed with statement furniture and clean lines. So, look at these men’s bedroom decor ideas, and see if you can create a stylish sanctuary.

Add a Feature Wall

Now, we know not everyone is a fan of a feature wall, but we personally think they’re great for when you want a focal point in a room, without making the room too busy or breaking your decor budget.

You could also consider simple wooden panelling, painted in a rich, dark hue, which will immediately add interest and depth to a room. Or if panelling is not your vibe, you could go for a striking wallpaper or mural instead. A simple, textural effect wallpaper would work brilliantly here and add some depth and warmth to the room, whilst keeping it bold and striking. A feature wall is also great for a small bedroom, all-over wallpaper can be imposing in an already small room, but having one standout wall will create a statement.

The plaster wall trend is particularly effective in men’s bedroom decor. The slightly distressed and unfinished appearance of plaster adds texture and intrigue in a subdued manner, unlike wallpaper. This style is ideal for creating a space that feels clean, minimalist, and modern, yet retains a rustic, industrial charm. You can even take on this style as a DIY project. Alternatively, to bypass any potential mishaps, numerous manufacturers now offer chalky, plaster-like paints that simplify achieving this textured effect.


Image Credit to Amara @thepajaamahub

Mix Materials

When you are creating a simpler style of decor with less colour and pattern, it is imperative to mix different materials to keep the room interesting. Think dark woods, with warm metallics, contrasted with hard concrete and soft leather. A mix of materials is what will bring this scheme to life. This Stalking Panther Table Lamp is the perfect example, with it is shiny gold base and matt black fabric shade, it’s perfect for adding that all-important mix of materials.

A golden sculpture of a Panther used as a base for a table lamp with a navy blue shade

Choosing bold artwork that you love can help inject some of your personality into your home. For a man’s bedroom abstract art with geometric shapes or minimalist designs, can evoke a masculine vibe. This Gilded Noir Abstract Canvas Art would make a striking focal point in any bedroom. The metallic tones bring a sense of warmth and contrast perfectly with the moody, dark backdrop, and the clean design would work well with a variety of colour palettes.

A black and gold abstract painting resting against a green wall next to a yellow velvet armchair

Don’t be Afraid of Colour

What is the best colour for a man’s bedroom? A lot of men feel more comfortable with fairly neutral colours, but you can still make it bold and exciting by adding some deep, rich hues like navy blue, forest green, or even black. If you don’t want it to feel too dark, use these colours on a feature wall, and balance them out with a crisp white ceiling to reflect lots of light back into the room.

The great thing about navy blue, very dark green and black, is that they work similarly to a neutral, in that they are a great base to add some splashes of colour, like this Red Velvet and Rattan Armchair. With its bold lines, contrasting colours, and an array of textures, it is just perfect for a man’s bedroom. The warming orangey-red cushions and hand-assembled, wooden rattan panels provide a distinct contrast against the black frame, which is sprayed by hand for a luxe finish.

A red velvet rattan armchair with a black frame next to a side table

Styling Tip: When decorating with a muted or dark palette, it’s the little details that make a big difference. Consider adding a gentle curve to your bedside table, a subtle feathered edge on the headboard, or a luxuriously tufted rug. These small enhancements can bring vitality to neutral shades.

Choose Bold & Functional Furniture

For furniture choices, think bold and striking pieces, with strong geometric lines, but most importantly look for functionality. For a bedroom, you want a clutter-free space, so look for furniture with clever storage solutions, and prioritise functionality. This is especially true for small bedrooms, and you will want to incorporate as many clever storage solutions as possible, so you don’t overcrowd the space. For instance, you could go for a bed with built-in storage, or why not maximise vertical space with some statement shelving, and don’t forget to hang a few mirrors, to reflect light around the room and make it feel larger.

Add Monochrome into the Mix

For a timeless and failsafe colour combo that pairs beautifully with grey, always looks on trend in the classic black and white. This allows for an easy mix and match of patterns, prints, and solids, all while sharpening the look of neutral tones and adding more impact to a plain bedroom. Consider adding monochrome in elements like cushions, curtains, and artwork to create a more dynamic and appealing aesthetic.

A black and white art piece of a woman's face with striped patterns hanging on a green wall

Add Some Cosiness

Don’t be afraid to add some softer touches, like a cosy rug, or a soft, fluffy throw on the bed, as everyone wants their bedroom to be a warm and inviting space! It can also help balance out some of the strong lines and harsh materials that are often prevalent in a man’s interior décor scheme. This Petrol Geometric Rug has been hand tufted to create a deep pile, with a geometric cut design, that gives a fabulously warm texture underfoot, perfect for adding a touch of cosiness!

A teal-colored rug with a geometric pattern on a dark wood floor

Bring the outside in

Biophilic design, which taps into the serene essence of nature, works wonders in the bedroom. Incorporating plants significantly transforms any space. Easy-to-care-for options like the fiddle leaf fig tree or some understated succulents are foolproof choices. If you are less confident in your gardening skills, consider realistic artificial plants instead.

Place them in stylish concrete planters, such as the Aslan Majestic Lion Planter to effortlessly breathe life into your room. Additionally, embracing green hues in your decor is currently fashionable, enhancing the room’s tranquillity. A deep, rich green is particularly suited for a man’s bedroom, offering a sophisticated and calming vibe.

Two decorative lion head planters with crowns

So, there you have our top tips for decorating a man’s bedroom, I hope they provided you lots of inspiration! The strategies for decorating a man’s bedroom aren’t all that different from styling any other bedroom, and although dark paint colours and dark wood furniture have long been favoured in men’s bedroom decor, there are truly endless options for creating a space that suits individual tastes and preferences.


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