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8 Best Bedroom Chair Ideas for a Cosy Retreat

A white faux sheepskin cloud armchair

A stylish and comfortable chair can enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom, making it an abode of peace and relaxation. While the bed and the wardrobe are the primary spotlights of a bedroom, we tend to overlook the subtle transformations a chair can bring. The following selection of bedroom chair ideas, all available from Audenza, will suit a range of vibes and styles.

1. Lola Curvaceous Burnt Orange Velvet Armchair

An orange velvet armchair

The Lola Curvaceous Burnt Orange Armchair has everything one could wish for. Featured as one of the ‘Best Burnt Orange Items’ in The Guardian, this stunning chair seamlessly blends comfort and style. This deliciously rich velvet chair promises comfort with its high-density foam filling.

If you love bold and sexy fashion statements, this stylish velvet chair with its clean simple lines and ruched texture on the back, is the perfect addition to your bedroom, bringing extra pizzazz. You definitely won’t be dumping piles of to-be-folded laundry and abandoned outfits onto this beauty. Pair with a table lamp and an orange hue rug to create a retro-modern feel.

2. Marilyn Blush Velvet Armchair for a Hollywood-esque Bedroom

A blush pink velvet armchair next to a blue glass vase

Bring Hollywood glamour into your bedroom with the Marilyn Blush Velvet Armchair. Awarded as the ‘best cocktail chair’, you can put this super swanky piece of furniture in any corner of your bedroom. The blush pink, coupled with beautiful pleating and gold legs elevates the bedroom instantly.

Made with pure cotton velvet, this accent chair is a must-have for design mavens, it’s a fabulous neutral that goes with everything – a total mood booster.

3. Sabariah Leopard Print Shell Chair

A leopard print armchair on a black and white pattern rug next to a potted bamboo plant

If you wish to go all out on style and rock ‘n’ roll vibes the Sabariah Leopard Print Shell Chair is the ideal choice. The animal-inspired pattern combined with its distinctive shell shape creates an instant focal point, bringing the wild wow factor to your bedroom.

The playful print is a fearless neutral to add to your bedroom, perfect if you are a little shy about introducing texture and pattern into your design scheme, this accent chair is a great gateway for adding that pop of pattern. If your bedroom has a touch of minimalism, the leopard-print chair will bring boldness. If you are already a maximalist, the velvet chair is a great neutral with its honey and chocolate hues to showcase your personality.

4. Glamorous Mongolian Fur Chair

A gold metal framed chair with white fur set against a gold side table and a vase of colorful flowers

Lights, camera, act, this director’s chair has it all going on with its Mongolian sheep fur seat and gold crossed legs. For the past year or so, the most desired seating finish has undoubtedly been bouclé, but this fluffy faux-fur chair is the new kid on the block.

The Mongolian Fur Chair will surely shine, creating a luxe, glamorous feel as it mimics real fur. At the same time, the white fur is also perfect for minimalist homes, slotting right into the quiet and neutral luxury interior trend at the mo.

5. White Faux Sheepskin Cloud Chair

A plush white armchair with golden legs next to a potted plant

Presenting Audenza’s White Faux Sheepskin Cloud chair, which is the definition of comfort and elegance. This fluffy white cosy chair is one of a kind with its unique snuggly design, it’s like a hug in a chair making you want to snuggle up with a book with a glass of vino. Perfectly proportioned with its curves, we just love this Cloud Chair.

We believe it’s the ideal addition to any bedroom setting. For those who adore colour, the White Faux Sheepskin Cloud Chair introduces a sense of calm to the scene, pair it with a colour velvet cushion to add a pop of colour, or for a monochrome room it brings that essential textural element.

6. Anouk Red Velvet and Rattan Chair for Retro-Styled Bedroom

A red velvet rattan armchair with a black frame next to a side table

Featuring sharp lines, contrasting hues, and a mix of textures, the Anouk Red Velvet and Rattan Armchair exudes a distinctly 1970s feel, this occasional chair is a showstopper, upholstered in a super lux orangey-red velvet fabric it is the perfect chair for kicking back and relaxing, whilst bringing bold and cool vibes to your bedroom.

Whatever your style is, this iconic statement piece injects luxury and sophistication into any corner of your bedroom.

7. Curvarella Turmeric Velvet Chair

A yellow velvet chair next to a large potted plant with a circular rug on the floor

Say hello to your new favourite hangout spot. The chair’s velvet upholstery comes in a luxurious turmeric shade, complete with an extravagantly oversized curved back that envelops you in opulence. The gold legs add a lightness to the chair’s substantial size, infusing a touch of Hollywood glamour into your decor.

The golden spice not only boosts your wellbeing but also enhances your interior decor- thus making it the most sought-after colours for designers across the fashion and interior industries. Our must-have Curvarella Turmeric Velvet Chair adds real depth and pizazz, but can equally create calmness and warmth when paired with neutrals. What’s not to love!

Due to its attractive turmeric colour, this chair can complement solid and opulent colours like navy blue, emerald green, and many more. There is no one right way to style your bedroom with chairs, but this is guaranteed to be a great addition.

If you love to experiment with furniture seasonally, then this chair is perfect for you. The turmeric bedroom chair can be incorporated into your bedrooms during winter to resemble warmth and ambience.

8. Gorgeous White Snowball Curved Chair

A white fluffy curved chair with a gold base

Imagine you’ve had a long and busy day at work. You come back home and immediately want to unwind – then this is the chair for you. Made with deliciously tactile boucle fabric, this chair offers the ultimate lounging and relaxing experience. Its curvaceous structure, coupled with the softness of the fabric, will envelop you in a warm and comfortable hug.

The Snowball Curved Chair is our newest addition to Audenza’s range of bedroom chairs, and this piece of furniture is the epitome of relaxation, combining modern luxury and style, the creamy boucle fabric is effortless and dreamy, with a hint of gold coming through at the base, transforming your bedroom into a haven of luxury.

Consider accessorising with a contrasting cushion, either featuring a subtle print or a different texture. It’s a simple and effortless method of styling bedroom chairs. So, if you like a minimalistic design, this bedroom chair would be a great option, but equally, you can style it with a colourful cushion, adding drama and depth. Style the area around the chair with books, plants, and warm lighting if you love reading – it’s the perfect shape to get cosy!

Bedrooms Are a Sanctuary of Calmness

An orange armchair with a green cushion, and a tall green lamp next to it on a colourful rug

Nowadays, the bedroom has become a personal sanctuary of respite and relaxation. While the bed is the primary focus of any bedroom, secondary features like bedroom chairs help create a personal oasis. From unwinding after a long day at work to providing a space for reading before going to bed to having a nice cup of tea in the morning to rejuvenate yourself, the versatility of the bedroom chair is endless.

Where to Place a Chair in the bedroom?

Certain spots in the bedroom are naturally perfect for a lovely seating area—near a dresser, beside a vanity table or desk, or by the window. Positioning a chair opposite the bed or a few feet away can help define the space and establish clear boundaries within the bedroom. Placing your chair further from your bed helps to disconnect it from the sleep-related associations of the bed, making it feel like a distinct area to use within your bedroom.

How to Style a Bedroom Chair?

Don’t let a small bedroom deter you from adding a chair. Often, a chair can give the illusion of more space, cleverly utilising what might otherwise be unused areas. Decorating around a chair with books, plants, and a reading or table lamp can transform it into a cosy nook, which opens up the room rather than constricting it, unlike bulkier furniture pieces like cabinets or chests of drawers. Additionally, placing a mirror next to or above the chair can further enhance the sense of openness in the space.



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