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Your Interior Décor Dilemmas Answered by the Audenza Founders | June Roundup

We’ve been asking you to share your décor dilemmas with us on Instagram. Thank you for all your brilliant responses about a whole range of topics. For today’s blog post, we have decided to select some of our most-asked questions to try and help you out. So, let’s dive in and get started!

How to pick curtains for a room?

Firstly, decide whether you want them to blend into the walls or make them a focal point. We see curtains as integral to the look of a room, and like them to be a decorative feature in their own right.

We’d always go floor length for curtains (rather than stopping at the windowsill), but it can overwhelm the space. So in a smaller room, go for Roman blinds or even shutters.

Even if you have wallpaper, you don’t need plain blinds/curtains. Clashing different patterns of fabric and wallpaper for instance can look amazing. But always order fabric samples before making any decisions!

In more traditional houses, shutters can look very nice, and give a less fussy alternative to textile window treatments, but bear in mind that they do cut out some light.

Our co-founder, Jacqui’s glam and feminine spare bedroom, with patterned roman blind and wallpaper

I’ve got low ceilings, how can I make them look higher?

One top tip is to paint the walls and ceiling the same colour. This blurs the line between the two, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling.

You can use wall decor cleverly – by hanging portrait wall art for instance (rather than landscape). But if you fancy being bold, try vertical stripes on the wall, for the ultimate optical illusion.

Lighting wise, you don’t need to go for spots. Look for ‘flush’ fitting or shallow depth decorative ceiling lights.

Bigger statement pendants can also be used, as long as they’re not in a walk way. They work beautifully over a dining table or bed – adding drama, without the risk of being decapitated!

Do you have any tips for renters trying to decorate? / I’m not allowed to paint my rented flat, how can I add colour?

Image Credit: @maisieviolet_rees

We received quite a few questions around how to decorate rental properties, so we dedicated an entire blog to it which you can read here: How to Decorate a Rental Property without Losing your Deposit.

How to make a dark room feel less dingy?

Mirrors! They’re amazing at bouncing light around a room. A top tip is to position a mirror opposite a window, to maximise the natural light in the room.

Lots of different light sources is a key consideration for any space, but particularly so in a room with less natural light. It depends on the size of the room as to how many different light sources you need, but in a small room, you should be looking at a minimum of 3.

Exotic Golden Palm Floor Lamp | Gold Tulip Planters | Leopard Bookends | The Imelda Patterned Chair

How to choose paint colours?

Colour is very much ruled by your personal, emotional reaction to colour. The trick is learning how to analyse your reaction to colours, and decide what it is YOU like.

We covered this in detail in a previous post, where we talk about ‘How to Choose Your Interior Decor Colour Palette’. We talk about:

  • – Where to find colour inspiration
  • – How do you want the room to feel?
  • – Considering natural light
  • – Thinking about the balance of colours

How to put plants in the living room?

Now the first decision is either faux or real plants. We have a range of faux plants that are realistic, yet low maintenance. (Especially handy if you have a busy lifestyle or not particularly green fingered!)

After this, you want to consider what size plant would suit your room. Bigger plants in a tall planter on a stand will add height and make a striking statement. Whereas smaller plants can be grouped together on a coffee table or sideboard as part of a vignette.

Or how about trailing plants? They look amazing hanging down from shelves! Another tip is using faux plants in these areas. This is because tops of shelves can be hard to reach, so using faux plants mean no watering is required.

Our co-founder, Amelia’s teal maximalist living room

And that’s it for this month! We have covered quite a broad range of topics, so hopefully you will have found some of our helpful hints useful. If this has got you inspired to shake up your own interiors, we would love to see the finished result! Tag your new Audenza purchases on Instagram @audenzahome and use #Audenza for a chance to win a £50 Audenza voucher.

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