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New Warehouse Home Newspaper

Now, you know when you meet someone and you instantly think, this girl’s got it sorted.  Well, that was my very first impression of Sophie Bush, Editor of My Warehouse Home when I met her just over a year ago at a blogging event.   You may remember I wrote about her blog, My Warehouse Home.  You can read a bit more about her inspirations and what set it all off here.

Move forward just over a year, and Sophie has now launched the very first issue of her premium bi-annual newspaper, Warehouse Home with 15,000 copies having already being distributed directly to the residents of the UK’s most exclusive warehouse conversions.

This image is pretty much Amelia’s ideal home.  An industrial edge, with a feminine twist.

And you know what?  It’s pretty bloody good.  Securing an exclusive interview with Sir Terence Conran takes the paper up another notch in itself.  But the content is good, well styled, well curated and interesting.  I particularly like the subtle design details and layout.

Talking to Sophie I found out that they conducted a great deal of research into Victorian newspapers – the font and front page in particular are directly inspired by these.  The font on the front page was actually specially commissioned for them.  Of course the focus is on the Victorian period as that was the height of the British industrial revolution, when so many of these wonderful warehouses would have been built and in constant use.

When it comes to industrial interiors, I like things to be on the slighter softer side, which explains the images I have chosen to show.   But I think it’s also nice that the paper isn’t exclusively for die-hard industrial fans and there’s certainly some great interviews and content to keep you occupied for some time.   As well as a host of design led products to drool over.  Oh, speaking of which, our Copper and Brass Stools were very kindly featured in the paper too.  What great taste!

With photography and styling by Carole Poirot, of Mademoiselle Poirot, who I also met at the same blogging event and wrote about in the same post on the blog.  I’ve been a fan of Carole’s styling and photography for some time and having her image featured on the front cover of Warehouse Home is testament to her talents.  I am completely in love with the sofa in the above image, in fact ‘Industrial Luxe’ is definitely the kind of industrial I could get in to!  Oh that deep blue combined with the copper!

You can read the magazine online here: Warehouse Home.  I would love to know what you think, so  please do come back and let me know below.

Hollie x

New Warehouse Home Newspaper by Hollie Brooks

Photo credits: Warehouse Home



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