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Interiors Trend: Gold

I’m seeing a lot of gold about at the moment, of course as with all interiors trends, things have generally always been ‘around’, for instance we haven’t suddenly starting using gold and no one ever used it before.  But it does seem to be making a comeback.

Gold and indeed brass too are overtaking silver at the moment in the trend stakes.  Silver feels a little ‘bling’ these days, a bit footballers wife, diamanté esque.  Gold, on the other hand, is still bling of course but it’s a good kind of bling! It’s a warm, rich and timeless kind of bling!

We think there’s two keys ways to do gold at the moment:

‘Gold Accents’– for a splash of bling, to add elegance and a regal charm to any room.  Or…

Dare to be Gold’– This is not for the faint hearted, but if you use the right pieces, it can really work.

With gold accents, you don’t have to be as particular about the style of the piece, it can be modern, antique, classic, contemporary, whatever you like, but the idea is it’s that key piece (or two) that makes the whole room pop.  A well placed splash of gold will lift any interior, it will bring it up to date and give it a new lease of life.  A gold mirror is perfect for doing this- our Gold Sunburst Mirror and Ava Gold Mirror are both great pieces for this look.

Audenza- Gold Accents

Now the ‘Dare to be Gold’ theme, is not quite as easy to pull off, without looking like you’re creating a Buddhist temple. Nothing wrong with that of course, I’ve been to some absolutely stunning temples in Asia and been in utter awe, but that’s not to say that you want to live with that.

The key here is to use classic pieces, rather than anything too modern, so that it feels elegant and timeless, rather than brash and tacky.  The picture below is from my Mums bedroom, she’s used a beautiful gold mirror with a Rococo feel, along with other, smaller gold items and styled them together, to create a really stunning display.  You also need to use more vintage/ antique pieces to style with it, for instance the perfume bottle on top of the shelf helps to calm the whole thing down a bit.  Flowers, of course always help to soften things, so you get a fantastic pop of gold, but without it being too temple esque!

Audenza- Rococo Style

This absolutely stunning gold bed and bedside table is from And So To Bed and my Mum actually has both in her room! We can’t show you a pic yet, because the mattress hasn’t arrived, but isn’t it just divine? I know it’s not for everyone, but I personally think this is a ‘Dare to be Gold’ that really, really works! What do you think?

Audenza- Dare to be Gold

So what do you think to our gold trend?  Do you have any gold in your house, do you think it’s just too much?  I think gold is a often a misunderstood colour for interiors and many are afraid to use it.    Hopefully you can see just how stunning it can be in a room and with some of these tips, if you’re not already, you’ll be able to start incorporating this wonderful colour into your home

Audenza x

Interiors Trend: Gold- By Hollie Brooks


2 replies to “Interiors Trend: Gold”

  1. Geraldine says:

    We haven’t any gold furnishings at home, but am rather taken by the Rococo frame!

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