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House Tour: A Playful Bungalow, With a Fascinating Fusion of Opulence & Eccentricity

As you know, we love sharing the fabulous homes of those who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. You know, the kind that oozes personality and leaves you in awe as soon as you walk through the door. Well, our next house tour certainly does just that! Hayley Brooke has kindly let us take a nosey around her stunning home whilst sharing the inspiration behind how she transformed her dark and old-fashioned bungalow into a bold and daring family home with layer upon layer of opulent and eccentric décor.

House tour- opulent and eccentric décor. Glam, gold living room with velvet sofa and zebra rug.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and where do you live?

My name is Hayley I’m 41 years old and I live with my 3 children and two dogs in Essex. I live in a 4-bed bungalow sitting on 3 acres of beautiful gardens. I moved here from Highbury, North London nearly 9 years ago. My eldest daughter is disabled and needs round the clock care so moving to a bungalow with lots of space suited us as a family.

House tour- opulent and eccentric décor. Tropical banana leaf wallpaper in the bathroom with pink accents.

What sort of condition did you buy the house in and have you done much work to it? 

The bungalow was in good shape, but it was dark and a bit old-fashioned, so it needed updating and modernising. So, I got to work! Firstly, I had to make a lot of adaptations to make it perfect for my eldest daughter, widening doorways and adding a wet room. Then I ripped out the old kitchen and bathrooms and re-did these. Things happened pretty quickly. Over the next few years, I started to redecorate (which I do A LOT!) and started to develop my own style.

House tour- opulent and eccentric décor. Quirky hallway with tropical banana leaf wallpaper and wall- mounted zebra.

What’s your favourite piece in your home?

I have so many favourite pieces, but my zebra has to be one of them. I’m constantly finding new things- that’s the main reason why I redecorate every room in my house at least once a year and constantly move things around.

House tour- opulent and eccentric décor. Glam living room - pink velvet.

 Where do you get your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from nature and wildlife, it’s hard not to when you look through the windows at the stunning views. I also love history, heavy fabrics and layering of objects to create a picture that will keep your interest, finding lots of interesting things to look at. I love to shop and I’m really good and well known for hunting down some incredible bargains that I can then customise or upcycle to turn it into something unique. Most of the pieces in my home are all upcycled by myself.

House tour- opulent and eccentric décor. Gold and pink velvet dining room inspiration.

 Pulling off such a bold look can be tricky, but you manage to nail it! What’s your best piece of advice for styling/curating a colourful and bold home?

My best piece of advice for pulling off such a bold look is be brave, it doesn’t have to all be matchy-matchy, start with a piece that you love and build on it, layering it up so that the end result is a treasure trove of your favourite things.

House tour- opulent and eccentric décor.

How would you sum up your style?

My style is eclectic, glamorous, fun and bold. It’s a fusion of classic and modern, it’s strong, brave and playful. I love rich colours, and opulence.

House tour- opulent and eccentric décor. Tropical inspired bathroom with black and white floor tiles.
What do you think the secret to fabulous interior style is?

I think the secret to fabulous interior style is not worrying about what anyone else says or thinks. If you love it, do it!!

House tour- opulent and eccentric décor. Tropical banana leaf wallpaper in the bathroom with pink accents.

Get The Look

This house tour oozes opulence and eccentricity and here's how to get the look.

Gold Rock On Hand | Leopard VaseUnicorn Head Wall Decoration | Gold Tripod Table | Marilyn Velvet Armchair | Flamingo Leg Lamp | Green Velvet Cushion | Zebra Print Cowhide Rug | Banana Leaf Wallpaper

So that’s the end of the tour folks, I mean how fabulous?

Has this house tour got your creative juices flowing? We’d love to hear which rooms/homewares in Hayley’s home inspired you.

Follow Hayley on Instagram @hayleyannebrooke for more great opulent and eccentric décor ideas.


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Image Credits: Hayley Brooke



14 replies to “House Tour: A Playful Bungalow, With a Fascinating Fusion of Opulence & Eccentricity”

  1. Pati says:

    I love her pad so much its freaking huge and hugeon style

  2. Tamsin Allen says:

    Wow, what a spectacular house full of fun and individuality! Good advice about being brave too – many people are far too comfortable in their comfort zones. 🙂

    • Audenza says:

      It’s an absolute explosion of individuality, isn’t it! You’re right, it’s very easy to stay in your comfort zone, but so much more fun to step out of it!

  3. Alison McCleave says:

    Amazing talent, unique flair and design. Well dobe Hayley

  4. Wow. This woman would be the one I’d like to talk to at a dinner party. Her home looks incredible. Totally not my style in the slightest but what an interesting home she has. Love her advice about being brave.

    • Audenza says:

      That’s the beauty of a design like this, isn’t it. Obviously that much colour and pattern isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, but you can totally appreciate the skill and creativity that’s gone into creating such a unique look.

  5. I love when people are totally fearless about this interiors choices. Pretty liked what I saw. I am not a fan of the manequin trend at homes (not sure what that is all about) but that’s personal taste. I LOVED the bathtub!!

    • Audenza says:

      Do you know what – I love the mannequin trend!! The Muck n Brass legs planters are sooo cool (in my opinion)! It’s awe inspiring to see someone design their home so fearlessly.

  6. Donna Ford says:

    So much creativity and self-expression. I love it!

  7. Miranda says:

    Wooooow! This is all so delicious to look at. What an eye for exciting style. I could move in tomorrow & never be able to tear myself away. I love how she says to have every item in our home one that we’re crazy about…I’m working on that currently .Thanks for the fabulous blog post

    • Audenza says:

      I’m so pleased you love Hayley’s home as much as us, Miranda! Every time I look, I notice something new!

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