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10 Animal Print Fabrics to Lust Over

Animal print fabrics are the hot news right now, particularly in velvet, so we thought we would bring a few to your attention. Namely because Amelia is hot for this trend, and is busy doing a mood board for her new sitting room – well it’s not new, as in it’s a Victorian terrace, but new to Amelia, and her long-suffering other half who, when presented with swatches of fabric and paint just says ‘Whatever you like, Amelia’. Now that’s my sort of guy!

Obviously 10 animal print fabrics to lust over is only a taster of what’s out there but still, it’s a tasty selection to start you off with and get you exploring.

Animal print fabric - Cheetah by Mathew Williamson for Osborne & Little

[Gifted*] Let’s start with a stunner, so says Amelia who has chosen this one (and which has very kindly been gifted) for her sitting room roman blinds in a fabulous cerise colour – all of which will be revealed in a future blog post when Amelia finally finishes the room! Cheetah by Mathew Williamson for Osborne & Little is a small-scale pattern that lets the colours do the shouting, available in a choice of seven colours, and perfect for when you don’t want the pattern to dominate the room. Osborne & Little is a well-loved British brand known for their collaboration with high end designers.

Inky Leopard Print Velvet Fabric by Avalana Design

Inky Leopard Velvet Fabric, by Avalana Design, is a beautifully rendered ink and watercolour print that glows in navy, sapphire and smoke grey velvet. Avalana is a new Manchester based brand launched in summer 2018, with all the products made in the UK. It’s always nice to support small independent companies and it also means you are getting something that bit more exclusive.

Giraffe print fabric by Charlotte Jade

This Giraffe print fabric by Charlotte Jade, from their Into the Wild Collection, is a bold design that comes in 2 colourways. It’s always easier to visualize a fabric in your own home when you can see it in situ on a product. Again another British brand, founded by artist Charlotte O’Reilly in 2015, with all products made in the UK.

Faunacation by Divine Savages

If you are looking for a design that features exotic animals as opposed to just the pattern, then Faunacation by Divine Savages is a hot contender, featuring lush tropical foliage and big cats. Bold and brave, but then with a name like Divine Savages you would expect something a little different! Founded in London in 2016 by husbands Jamie Watkins and Tom Kennedy, they bring a twist of the unexpected to interiors.

Leopard print velvet fabric by Rebecca J Mills, called 'Falling for - Magic'

Gosh, what a deliciously gorgeous chair – much more inspiring than a fabric swatch! From Rebecca J Mills’, ‘Falling for – Magic’ is in a soft feel velvet, in subtle shades of blue and pink, that drapes beautifully and is available as fabric, lamp shade and cushions. A small British brand with all products made in the UK.

Beautiful leopard print fabric - Ocelot Noir by Clarke & Clarke

Ocelot Noir by Clarke & Clarke is a fabulous print that this photo does not do justice to. Amelia has a sample of this and it really is far more desirable in the flesh. Available in several colourways, it has a lovely sheen to the finish that shouts to be stroked. Also, it looks quite similar to a House of Hackney print, but at half the price it’s a more affordable option.

Zebra Fabric by Charlotte Jade

Another Charlotte Jade print, this time featuring thoughtful looking zebras. Not just the preserve of children anymore these wonderful creatures would look amazing on an armchair for a really eye-catching statement piece, although not for the more conservative amongst you!

Blush Pink Giraffe Velvet by Anna Hayman

Blush Pink Giraffe Velvet by Anna Hayman is a beautifully reinterpreted giraffe print from a small design company that are happy to adapt either the scale, or palette of a design, to suit your interior needs. Anna creates prints the old fashioned way, using linocuts which are then digitally printed. She describes her work as “sixties cum thirties with a cool chic edge”.

Onda Fushcia is an exciting reinterpretation of the zebra stripe from Clarke & Clarke.

Onda Fushcia is an exciting reinterpretation of the zebra stripe from Clarke & Clarke. Available in 13 colourways there has to be one here to wet your appetite for an animal print.

'Wild Card' Leopard Print Fabric by House of Hackney

House of Hackney doesn’t need an introduction really, does it? It’s a brand that inspires and delights, at a cost! ‘Wild Card’, a reimagining of leopard print looks so cool as matching wallpaper and curtains – a great way to have a small scale pattern base for exotic and original interiors. Load on the pattern with furniture and accessories for drama, or keep it simple and monochromatic for sleekness.

So, what do you think of animal print fabrics? Is it lust or loath for you? Certainly a trend that requires some subtlety, I think. Maybe you’re ahead of the game and you have a window, or a chair or two, in animal prints. I’m limited with windows as I have shutters at the front and fairly new roman blinds at the back, but I couldn’t resist a few velvet leopard print cushions to jazz up my gorgeous green sofa. With so many extravagant designs out there, happy animal print hunting!

Jacqui x

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*Gifted – the Cheetah print fabric has very kindly been gifted by Osborne & Little for Amelia’s living room project.



22 replies to “10 Animal Print Fabrics to Lust Over”

  1. I adore House of Hackney! I think they have a great eye and can really deliver some super eclectic prints. I also love animal print for clothing, it’s something that will never go out of style!

  2. Lin Warwick says:

    Great options here Jacqui. Charlotte Jade and Divine Savages are some of my favourites. Also Emma Shipley has some great prints.

  3. Karen says:

    oh my goodness.
    My eyes. It’s all SO gorgeous. I love the ballsy styling of the couch AND wallpaper. then again, I can’t imagine NOT having that Anna Hayman giraffe print in my life. It’s definitely a trend I am all over, especially in these rich colours <3

    • Audenza says:

      Hehe! I’m so glad you loved the post. I’m really enjoying all of the different takes on animal print at the moment – there’s so many talented designers out there!

  4. Ok, I’m a little bit OBSESSED with that Faunacation print, how dreamy!! X

  5. Donna says:

    Oh gosh. These are all great and so up my street. I adore the colour combination of the first one but have had my eye on the sumptuous Anna Hayman designs for a while now…

  6. Pati Robins says:

    ok now you making me swoon over those big time !! i think i need to invest in a touch of animal magic in my pad

  7. Marlene says:

    I love the Leopard print one from House of Hackney !
    My bengal cats have that wild animal fur print and that is all the print I have in the house but I do love to see it as they remind me of them. Hehe.

  8. Evija says:

    I am getting more adventurous with my fabric choices (or so I think!) I absolutely LOVE Charlotte Jade’s Into the Wild and the Divine Savages fabrics.. so rich !

    • Audenza says:

      I love hearing when people are getting a bit more adventurous with their decor choices. I think if you’re not sure about a print, bringing in a cushion or two is a good way to see how you feel about living with it in the space!

  9. Sorry I’m going to have to be a bit controversial here and say that I’m really not a big fan of animal print. I find it a bit too maximalist for my liking and really overpowering, even when just used as a small accent like a cushion. But as far as animal prints go this is a lovely selection!

    • Audenza says:

      Hehe, I wouldn’t have expected you to say anything else, Stacey!! I can totally see animal print isn’t really your style – it’s definitely one for the maximalists!

  10. Maria says:

    Whilst on a personal level I’m not a massive fan of animal print, I do understand it’s popularity in fashion and the home. My personal favourite and one that I have featured myself is the Faunacation design by Divine Savages. I think I like this the most because its not just solely animal print but portrays a story through imagery. I also adore Anna Haymans because of its artistic quality that Anna is admired for. Oh, and I love giraffes more than leopards 😉

    • Audenza says:

      Animal print is certainly not for everyone! I have always loved leopard print, so I guess that’s the crucial difference – if it’s something you have always had a bit of a penchant for, then you know you’ll love it in the long term and not just whilst it’s on trend!

  11. I don’t have any animal print in my own home but I have used in clients homes. The House of Hackney one is practically a neutral after all! I absolutely adore the Inky Leopard Velvet Fabric, by Avalana Design – I haven’t seen that before and I love Anna Hayman’s fabrics and patterns. Fabulous roundup post.

    • Audenza says:

      Definitely agree that the House of Hackney one is virtually a neutral! 😉 Avalana Design is a relatively new British designer, do check out her products – she has some beautiful designs.

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