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91 Magazine Sneak Peek and Interview

We’ve written a post before on the lovely 91 Magazine, which you can read here.  However, I have something very special for you today- a sneak peak of the new issue and a short interview with Caroline Taylor, the founder and editor.

The new issue is due out on Monday April 22nd and is their 6th issue.  With 110 pages of ‘loveliness’ as described by Caroline, I for one can’t wait!  Caroline recently won a ‘Women in Publishing’ award for ‘New Venture 2012’, which is fantastic and thoroughly well deserved.

91 cover issue 6

Isn’t this just gorgeous?  I always love the colours 91 use on their covers, so fresh and inviting, don’t you think?

Having spoken in the virtual world a number of times, I was very happy to finally meet Caroline at Selina Lake’s Pretty Pastel Style book launch and fair.  When I found out about the new issue, I asked Caroline if she wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for us:

Can you tell us about a couple of the features coming up in the new issue?

We have a lovely feature looking at where craft trends originate from, and share some ideas of what we think will be hot this year.   We have our first ever foodie feature, which has some scrumptious recipes as well as stunning photography!  We were welcomed into the homes of a lovely shop owner and a blogger, whose interiors I know you will love!  And we have the 2nd instalment of our lovely downloadable desktop calendars by Charlotte Love.

91 Magazine Foodie Feature

What inspired you to start 91 magazine?

Back when I originally had the idea for the magazine in the summer of 2011, I’d noticed that there were lots of great online magazines coming out of the States and Australia, but not really any in the UK at the time. I have a real passion for magazines, photography, design and interiors and I thought this was a great opportunity to put all these things together.

issue 6 91 magazine

What’s your starting point for each issue?  How do you go about getting your inspiration for it?

I usually just get inspiration from things that I love, or that I find interesting! So for example, in the new issue we have a feature about the origin of crafting and styling trends. I was personally really intrigued as to where these trends come from and how they spread, so I thought it would be nice to investigate this further. I then worked closely with the stylist to come up with some of our own trend predictions and created some lovely photos to go with it. 

I also have lots of discussions with existing and potential contributors about ideas I have or they have that might work. I then make choices of what will run in the next issue and plan out the running order.

91 Magazine Issue 6 Oxford feature

What’s your favourite feature in the new issue?

Oooh! That is too difficult to answer! I really do love everything that goes into the magazine.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t include it. But if I had to choose one, I do love the shoot we did with The Hambledon at the shop and the owner’s home. (here’s a peak below).

91 magazine- the Hambledon home

So what do you think?   It looks fab doesn’t it?  The images are just gorgeous.

Patchwork Harmony, who publish the magazine, also publishes a successful blog, offers freelance editorial services, as well as creative business advice sessions. Find out more on their website.

If you want the new issue as soon as its live on Monday 22nd April, make sure you email SUBSCRIBE to [email protected].

Audenza x

91 Magazine Sneak Peek and Interview- By Hollie Brooks



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