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We Love: The Stencil Library

I love my house, a Victorian terrace, but quite a lot of the original features are missing.  Although who is to say what was here originally as it’s only a small two up two down, so maybe it wasn’t built with some of the elements of Victorian interior decoration I would have liked.

If you have followed my previous post’s on my home renovation you will know that it’s all being done on a bit of a budget.  Another year here and then I think we will be moving on to something bigger for a long-term project, so how to inject some grandeur without spending too much is the question.  Thinking outside the box, a stencil seemed the perfect answer for the missing bedroom ceiling rose.

Ceiling medallion stencil from The Stencil LibraryMy ceiling rose in progress!

I fell in love with this ceiling stencil design from The Stencil Library but needed it to fit around my ceiling light.  I emailed The Stencil Library and they were really helpful and customized the design to fit.  Also, and this is the shocking bit, they actually rang me to give me a few tips and explain how to do a repeat stencil.  What great customer service!  I have to add here that it wasn’t gifted, and they didn’t know I would be posting a blog about it.  I also used their paint, which is a really nice gold, and gave good coverage so I only needed one coat.

Gold ceiling medallion stencil in blush pink bedroom with gold accessories

I’m so pleased with the result, and it wasn’t actually that difficult to do.  I remember stencils from my home as a child, as my mum, Jacqui was a big fan in the 90’s for adding decoration to any available surface.  Of course, Jacqui’s stencils were all about the flowers, as always!  It’s such a great way to create pattern and interest, very effectively, without spending a lot of money.

Modern stencil designs from The Stencil LibraryCircles Stencil | Leopard Print Stencil | Crane Stencil

This circles stencil above is an amazing one for a floor to replicate the look of ceramic tiles. Or a leopard print design, which comes in different size stencils depending on what surface you want to stencil. Or if you really want to really make a statement I love the crane design for your walls. If you have the time and the patience, stencils are a great way to create the look of wallpaper at a fraction of the cost.

Crocodile skin stencilCrocodile Skin Stencil

Or how about a crocodile design. The Stencil Library have shown it here in a large design on a wall but it would also look great as a small-scale design on a desk or table for a moc croc effect.

These are just a few ideas from The Stencil Library to hopefully get you feeling inspired.  It’s not only a cheaper way to add decoration, it also enables you to customize with colour and design to your own taste.  And if you are a beginner to stenciling, then Stencil Library are so knowledgeable and helpful that you can’t go wrong.  What do you think to my gold ceiling rose?


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